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Green Lagoon project: an elevated city in Turin

Rassegna stampa internazionale

(articolo pubblicato in lingua inglese sul sito ",, economy & finance", notizia riprese e tradotta da un articolo del sole 24 ore dell'8 maggio 2008).

The investment will exceed 1.2 billion euros, net of the value of the property, and is expected to rise another 20-40% according to the solutions chosen to obtain the maximum environmental sustainability.

The Laguna Verde project that will create, at Settimo Torinese, on the northern border of the main city in Piedmont, a futuristic city and totally elevated will be characterized by tall towers.

A sort of third millennium San Gimignano which will replace the industrial area that is already partly dismantled and partly abandoned, just as for the Pirelli factory that, by 2010, will be merged with the Group’s second productive unit, again in Settimo, and aimed at transforming the most technologically advanced Pirelli factory in the world.

Pier Paolo Maggiora, the architect heading the Studio ArchA, which realised the concept, assures us that it is not a dream, but a reality that is destined to become concrete in just a few months.

All it takes is reading the names of the list of owners of the areas involved - and they are the ones that established the promotion committee Laguna Verde, asking Maggiora to realize the concept - to realize the seriousness of the project: Pirelli Tyre, Aree Urbane (Pirelli), IPI, Intesa San Paolo, Sefas, Edison, Global Locafit. And this is aside from the part of the area in the Settimo municipality.

But the Committee represents only the first phase. Successively, a specific company will have to be established with the participation of foreign partners.

The total surface area in question covers 815 thousand square metres and, at the end of the operation, should offer 320 thousand square metres of public green space while, again in the area reserved for the public, will have 5 thousand parking spaces (to which 8,300 private parking spaces will be added), an 60 thousand square metre island for research, a sporting structure (15 thousand square metres), a swimming pool, a school (25 thousand square metres) and a museum (12 thousand square metres).

Private investors, on the othe4r hand, will have 650 thousand square metres of walking area, of which 50% will be dedicated to residences, 19% to commercial activities, 17% to research and productive initiatives, 7% to the third sector and directional activities and the remaining 7% for leisure time.

The structure itself explains the name Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon). Some compact islands w ill also be made (16 just for the residential part) which will emerge from a lagoon made of parks and gardens.

The green areas" - explains Maggiora - "will be on two floors. The first floor, natural and horizontal, represents the continuity between the green highway north of Turin, of roughly 3 million square metres, and the park along the Po River towards the hills to the east”.

This is why the buildings will be elevated, so that the green present will live alongside the structures instead of being removed.

(Sole 24 Ore - May 8)

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